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A. Kabayaki Unagi Fillet (Japanese Style Grill) | かば焼きうなぎ | 200G

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Versatile and easy to cook Unagi fillet.


  • Origin and Processed in : China
  • 1 pc (approx. 200G)
  • Thaw in fridge overnight or submerge in cold water for 15-20 mins
  • Ready to eat
  • Reheat with microwave (600W) for 1 min
  • DO NOT refreeze
  • HALAL Certified!

* Contains thin, soft but edible bones. Not deboned.

* We've weighed 50 packets and gotten a range between 180g to 210g. 

* Small Knowledge about Unagi: 

This size of Unagi is said to be best in quality & texture with less bone and thin in skin with best flavour from meat texture. In farming industry, we call this size of Unagi as Young Unagi. On the other hand, the bigger size Unagi we call it old Unagi, the old unagi skin become thicker and bone become harder that affects the overall taste.  

Ready to eat. Just defrost and take out from plastic bag--> Put into a plate --> Wrapping --> heat by microwave for 1 minute--> Done.

Unagi is nice to enjoy with White rice, fry rice, pasta etc. if you have new idea to enjoy, we appreciate you could share with us.  


Unagi  Hitsumabushi ひつまぶし 


Ingredients (2 portions)

Unagi Kabayaki / 300 gram rice / Soup / 200 ml water / 1 gram dashi no moto (Japanese soup stock) / 1 teaspoon soy sauce / 1 teaspoon mirin / 1 gram salt / Garnish as desired / Nori (Seaweed) / Sansyo-pepper / Spring onion / Takuan (Daikon Radish)

Preparation method

1. Cook the rice according to the package.

2. Pour water into a large pan and boil. Turn the stove to medium heat and put the Unagi Kabayaki in the water for 10 minutes. Take the Unagi Kabayaki out of the package and place on a cutting board. Keep the sauce in a separate container for later. (or after fully defrosted, put in to microwave for 1 minutes) 

3. Cut the fish in bite-sized pieces with a sharp knife. In the meantime, bring 200 ml of water to the boil. Add the dashi no moto, soy sauce, mirin and salt and stir gently.

 4. Put some rice in a bowl, place the Unagi Kabayki on top. Add the remaining sauce and garnish to your liking with nori, sansyo-pepper, green onion and takuan.

5. Enjoy~ 



うなぎ蒲焼 / 米 300g / だし / 水 200ml / だしの素 1g / しょうゆ 小さじ1 / 

みりん 小さじ1 / 塩 1g / お好みで / のり / 山椒 / ネギ / たくあん


1. ご飯を炊く鍋で炊く場合は、大きめの鍋で湯を沸騰させ、うなぎ蒲焼を中火で10分ほど温める

2. うなぎをパックから取り出してまな板に置く。パックの中の蒲焼ソースは器に取っておく。


4. 茶碗にご飯を盛り、うなぎの蒲焼をのせ、上から蒲焼のたれをかける。お好みで、海苔、山椒、ネギ、たくあんなどをそえる. 

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