Kabayaki Unagi Fillet (Japanese Style) | うなぎかば焼き | 200G

200 g
$10.80 $15.00

Bestseller! Versatile and easy to cook Unagi fillet.

  • Origin and Processed in: China
  • 1 pc (approx. 200G)
  • Thaw in fridge overnight or submerge in cold water for 15-20 mins
  • Ready to eat
  • Reheat with microwave (600W) for 1 min
  • DO NOT refreeze
  • HALAL Certified!

* Contains thin, soft but edible bones. Not deboned.

* We've weighed 50 packets and gotten a range between 180g to 210g. 

Message for repeated buyers: This new batch is DIFFERENT from the 2020 batch. 

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