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SALMON SHIO | サーモン塩焼き | 45G

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We use salmon grown in Aomori prefecture, which has "World Heritage Shirakami Mountains" and "Tsugaru Straits". In Aomori Prefecture, which is blessed with nature, high-quality marine products are caught every season. It is the best environment for growing salmon. The salmon grown in the cold and harsh sea of ​​Tsugaru is firm, has a moderate amount of fat, and has a special taste. Please enjoy the "blessings of the sea" in Aomori.


How to Cook

Transfer the fish to a plate, wrap it with aluminum paper and warm it at 500W for about 1 minute in microwave. Or do not open the seal, put it in boiling water and warm it for about 3 minutes.    

  • Origin: Aomori Japan
  • 45G per pack
  • Keep frozen under -18 degree Celsius
  • DO NOT refreeze
  • Processed In: Vietnam

*Caution: Please be careful of the below. 

1) Although fish is boneless, but kindly check before consume.

2) If the packaging touches the mouth of the cooking pot it may melt. 

3) Once open and heated, please kindly consume as soon as possible. 

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