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Pour a generous amount of dark chocolate mousse into the cocoa sponge and top it with cocoa cookie crunch and chocolate sauce. This cake is recommended for chocolate lovers because it has a crispy texture and the sweetness of fragrant chocolate. Please enjoy the frozen cake that is tightly confined in the deliciousness while making full use of the goodness of frozen that can be eaten and stored at any time. 

Key Points

-Direct Air Shipment From Japan

-1st to be in SAKANA Online Market

-Wheat and egg are all Japan domestic products

-Amazingly fresh cake after defrost

Product Information Chocolate Cake 12PC (Per 35g of Nutritional Ingredients)
Energy 127kcal
Protein 1.3g
Lipid (Organic Compounds) 9.3g
Carbohydrates 9.5g
Sodium 13mg
Salt Equivalent 0.03g
Ingredients Whip cream (vegetable fats and oils, non-fat dry milk, etc.) (domestic production), chocolate, sugar, biscuits (wheat flour, sugar, shortening, etc.), milk, chicken eggs, wheat flour, chocolate-based foods, gelatin, edible emulsified fats and oils, cocoa powder, Foods made mainly from water candy, milk, etc., malt sugar / emulsifier, caramel pigment, fragrance, swelling agent, (some include wheat, egg, milk component, gelatin, soybean)
Allergen Milk, wheat, eggs, soybeans, gelatin
Product size Diameter about 8.5 cm, width about 4.5 cm, height about 3 cm
Internal capacity 420g (12 pieces)
Package size Long side 31.2 cm, short side 10.3 cm, height 6.5 cm

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