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Japanese Frozen Sushi Rice I 冷凍寿司飯 I 15PCS 270G

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Make your own Sushi at home ??
It is easy now with our Sushi rice and Topping(s). 

How to use

Heat using Microwave at 500W, for 2 pieces: 1min30s; 3pcs: 1min50s; 4pcs: 2min10s; 5pcs: 2min30s. 9pcs: 4min45s
About Product
What's better than instant rice? Instant sushi rice that's frozen for freshness! This Sushi Rice has Sushi Su mixed to perfection, so all you need to do is heat and use. Unlike rice that you freeze at home, this rice is flash frozen with a special technology that keeps rice as good as freshly cooked ones.

Product of Japan, 15pcs per pack.