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Frozen Blanched Sea Urchin A | 冷凍ブランチングウニ | 100G

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Our premium frozen blanched sea urchin, tastes just right. A little briny but not overly salty. Creamy in texture. Best to eat with sushi rice!   

Note 1: Our Urchin is frozen one sent by container and taste might be as good as those fresh urchin ship by air, but cost is much lower. It is also widely used in Japan.  

Note 2: Please defrost at chiller for over night and leave it at room temperature for 1 hour to get best taste. Enjoy this frozen Urchin with us.  

  • Origin & Processed In: Chile
  • 100g per tray
  • Keep frozen below 18 degree Celsius 
  • Use after defrost
  • *Note this is frozen sea urchins it is different from other fresh sea urchins