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Salmon Sashimi Slice I サーモン寿司スライス | 240G + FREE Sushi Rice

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Create your favourite Salmon topped Sushi with our beginner friendly and convenient kits. Want to make your own sushi? We got your back. Impress your loved ones by your hand made Sushi all ready to eat! 

This kit contains:

- Salmon Sushi Slices 

You can produce Sushi at home so easily~!! 

Defrost - Top on Rice - Complete. Tip with soy sauce and Wasabi (if you like), start to enjoy. 

Sushi rice are from Japan with authentic sushi rice taste. 

-FREE Sushi Rice (While Stock Last!!!)

-Origin: Norway
-Sashimi Grade
-20pcs (240G)
-Thaw in fridge overnight or submerge in cold water for 15 mins
-Ready to eat
-DO NOT refreeze
-Processed In: Vietnam
-HALAL Certified!

*You may have leftover salmon slices which you may enjoy it on its own or top them on your rice to create donburi bowls!