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A4 Kumamoto Wagyu Tenderloin Steak | 和牛ヒレ ステーキ | 120g

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熊本県産和牛A4 和王がシンガポールへやってきました! 

Don't miss out on our Premium A4 Kumamoto Wagyu. Simply tender, soft and melt in your mouth. 

  • 和王 Brand (Wao brand)
  • Marbling score of at least 7 (High quality A4 Grade)
  • Melt-in-your-mouth feel
  • Tender and rich in flavours
  • Intensely marbled with high quality fat

Our A4 Kumamoto Wagyu is vacuum packed to preserve it's finest quality for you. 

Perfect for: BBQ, grilling, etc. 




Disclaimer: Meat will appear darkened (dark red / a little brown). It does not affect it's quality as it's caused by the lack of oxygen in the vacuum packaging. The meat will gain back it's redness gradually once exposed to oxygen. It is normal.