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Our Picks for this Chinese New Year! - SAKANA Singapore

Our Picks for this Chinese New Year!


Being in the kitchen has never been easier especially this Chinese New Year with us here to help! We provide a wide range of Ready-To-Eats which only requires you to thaw and heat up the food while achieving impressive Japanese Food results to enjoy. If this doesn't suit your taste, we also have Wagyu beef, Sashimi, Scallops, sushi sets and more to suit your taste. Read on to find out more items you can get for CNY! 😉


sakana scallop

  1. Aomori Scallops

Who doesn't love scallops especially during Chinese New Year? Not me. Our Aomori Scallops are good on it's own (to be eaten raw). However, it can be cooked several ways for your Chinese New Year Dishes. It's really versatile.


Dish ideas:

  • Scallops with vegetable stir-fry
  • Steamed broccoli with scallops
  • Hotpot / steamboat ingredient
  • Poonchoi / Treasure pot


sakana singapore unagi

2. Fish

年年有"鱼"? We have a great selection of fish products for you to choose from and create all sorts of dishes. Our fishes guarantee prosperity and luck so don't miss out! 🐟


Whip up some Japanese Style dishes:


A4 Kumamoto Wagyu

3. Wagyu Beef

Our niu (new) products but definitely our star products. We recently got in contact with an experienced Wagyu supplier whose staffs are highly qualified and trained in Hyogo, Japan! These Wagyu beef are air-flown from Kumamoto prefecture to Singapore then cut & stored carefully to preserve it's greatest quality. 


We got 3 different cuts for you this time and might bring in bigger range in the near future! You can get Steak, Sukiyaki & Yakiniku cuts from us and taste the authenticity of Japan's specialty right from your home. 


Did you know that the Wao brand Kumamoto Wagyu we carry boasts a high reputation for its soft marbled meat and rich flavor and only 17% of the Kumamoto Japanese Black Beef makes the cut to be a part of Wao? 


Wagyu we have currently:

  • Sirloin Steak 
  • Tenderloin Steak
  • Loin Sukiyaki
  • Lean Meat Sukiyaki
  • Loin Yakiniku
  • Rib Yakiniku


4. Crab & Prawns

Yes, we have Snow Crab legs too! They are suitable for raw consumption and you can put them in your hotpot to elevate the taste of your broth and your overall hotpot game. Our Vannamei Shrimps are also really versatile and CNY-relevant!



  • Snow crab legs as ingredient in hotpot
  • Prawns as ingredient in hotpot
  • Drunken prawns
  • Cereal prawns
  • Prawns & Vege stir fry 


5. Others

Sushi party for CNY with your relatives? Click here.

Looking for amazing appetizers to boost your appetite before meal? Find them here. They also double up as incredible beer bites in Japanese culture! 

Looking for something cool to elevate your dishes? Maybe Salmon roe (Ikura) will do it!

Fancy some crispy golden brown side dishes that are deep fry or air-fry friendly and really convenient? Check out Truffle & Oyster Cream Croquette and Crab Cream Croquette. 


Walnut Daifuku

6. Desserts / Sweets

Finally it's dessert time. Here are some desserts / sweets we carry that we would definitely recommend for Chinese New Year to share with your family & friends. 



With that, we are concluding this blogpost and we wish you an ox-picious Chinese Niu Year! We hope this blogpost gave you some inspiration and do cart out before 9 Feb to receive your orders on 11 Feb, before Chinese New Year PH! 


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