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Handroll Sushi おうちで手巻き寿司

Handroll Sushi おうちで手巻き寿司

Preparation method

1. Defrost the sashimi in cold water.

2. Cook the rice according to the package (or see this video for a more thorough explanation on how to cook Japanese rice).

3. Put the cooked rice in a bowl. Pour in the sushi vinegar.

4. Let the rice cool down. Use a fan if necessary.

5. Remove the core of the cucumber and the seed of the avocado. Cut the vegetables into small strips.

6. Cut the shiso leaves in half and remove the stems.

7. Cut the sashimi into strips of about 1cm thick and 10 cm long.

8. Cover the left side of a nori leaf with a layer of rice.

9. Place the vegetables and sashimi diagonally on top of the rice.

10. Roll up the temaki by pulling the bottom left corner upwards and turning it inwards. Then roll up the temaki like a cone bag.

11. Serve with soy sauce and fresh wasabi.




  1. お刺身を冷水に入れて解凍する
  2. ご飯を炊く
  3. ご飯を寿司桶に入れる。3に寿司酢を混ぜる
  4. うちわなどを使ってすし飯を冷ます
  5. きゅうりの種の部分、アボカドの種を取り除き、それぞれ小さく切る
  6. シソの葉を半分に切り、茎の部分を除いておく
  7. お刺身を厚さ1センチ、長さ10センチの棒状に切る
  8. 海苔の左側にご飯をのせる。ご飯の上に、お刺身と野菜をのせる。 海苔を左下の角から巻いていく
  9. しょうゆと本わさびをつけてお召し上がりください。

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