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Our New Wagyu Collection!

Our New Wagyu Collection!

Kumamoto Japanese Black Beef

New year means new beginnings, and we are bringing in this high quality Wagyu beef for you! We know that most of you heard of Kagoshima & Miyazaki Wagyu. But have you heard of Kumamoto Wagyu?

Where is Kumamoto (熊本)and what is Kumamoto Wagyu (熊本和牛)? 
The Kumamoto Wagyu comes from Kumamoto Prefecture in... none other than Kumamoto, which is located at the west coast of Kyushu Island in Japan. The Wagyu in Kumamoto are well-known for their leaner meat but still with incredible flavours and tender textures.

About WAO Wagyu Beef 「和王」
There are several brands of Kumamoto beefs and the WAO brand is considered one of the highest, most premium quality amongst them all! The WAO Wagyu Cattles are Japanese Black Beef with that has a marbling degree of at least 6 (out of max. 12). They are bred in nature and fed only specially selected vegetable feed. To be qualified as a WAO brand Wagyu Beef, the cattle has to meet high standards. Thus, only 17% of the Kumamoto Japanese Black Beef are sold as WAO brand which makes them rare and superior. They have a premium grade that boasts a high reputation for its soft marbled meat and rich flavor and is attractive for it's melty meat texture. 

Meat discoloration
It is normal for all meats to lose their initial bright red colour within seconds of being inside a vacuum packaging. It might look not as appealing as what retail stores' meats look, but for sure, meats sold online are much fresher and safer. Why is that so? You might be suspicious of it's dark, dull colour, but since the moment we received these beef, and even our seafood, they've been stored in our super cold freezer, untouched. Even during transit, they are transported in a chilled environment. However, in physical stores, meats are defrosted and in normal refrigeration for up to a whole day and could be restored & sold again the following day. With customers touching and choosing the products they want, it could potentially cause more contamination. 
Going back to the dull colour due to the vacuum package and cold temperature, it's caused by the removal of oxygen from the blood cells in the meat. The colour will regain it's vibrancy but will not be as bright as freshly cut beef. Read more about this here!

What can you make with Wagyu Beef?

1. Wagyu Beef Sandwich

Close up of japanese medium rare wagyu sandwich served in wooden box Premium Photo

Enjoy a simple and luxurious grilled / fried Wagyu sandwich at home that can cost over $100 in restaurants. Use our Steak cuts or Yakiniku cuts to recreate these sandwiches!


2. Hotpot (shabu shabu / sukiyaki)

Shabu shabu cooking Premium Photo

Simply satisfying and heartwarming hotpot. Use our Sukiyaki cuts and enjoy the melt in your mouth goodness within seconds!


3. Wagyu Donburi

Beef sliced on topped rice (gyuu-don) Premium Photo

Fancy rice? You can also make a bowl of Wagyu donburi using either of the 3 cuts of our Wagyu Beef, it is totally up to your preference and style. 


4. Steak

Matsusaka wagyu japanese beef teppanyaki steak Premium Photo

What can you not do with a steak cut? Put it on a grill, pan, etc. and it will still be delicious no matter what. All you need is some salt and pepper and you're good to be Gordan Ramsay. (You really don't need much added flavours. Enjoy Wagyu beef as it is!)


5. Barbeque

Grilled wagyu sirloin meat yakiniku Premium Photo

Use our Yakiniku cut for barbeque of course. But Wagyu is just so versatile, you can use any cut for barbeque if you want. (We tried and tested, they are all yummy!) All you need is some salt and pepper as well. But control your fire though, you do not want to let your good quality Wagyu fats melt and go to waste.


P.S. Our Ribs (Karubi) Yakiniku is the bestselling Wagyu.


Stop waiting and get yours now


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