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SAKANA Tips: How to Thaw Your Sashimi Like a Professional - SAKANA Singapore

SAKANA Tips: How to Thaw Your Sashimi Like a Professional

What's Japanese food without sashimi? But... how do you get good quality sashimi at home? With frozen sashimi products all across internet now, it's hard to resist the temptation to try making your own sashimi platter at home. But how do you thaw the sashimi products without ruining their quality? Read on to find out now!

(Recommended way) Method 1: Leave your frozen packet of sashimi overnight in the refrigerator to defrost in a cool environment.

Check on the packet the next day to see if it has completely thawed, consume as soon as possible once fully thawed and opened.

Reason: Since sashimi is raw, it should not be left in room temperature (especially in Singapore). The warm climate will cause the meat's deterioration. Furthermore, by placing the product in room temperature, the big temperature change will also cause the meat's quality to go worse. 


Method 2: Submerge the packet of sashimi under cool water.
By using this method, you will either have to use running cool water or change the water constantly to make sure the water is cool and have not turned to normal temperature. 
Especially in Singapore's climate, it is important to use cool water to thaw the sashimi due to our warm temperature. This method will be faster especially when the sashimi are pre-sliced. 
You can check every 30 minutes to see if they are fully thawed. If they are done, remove from the cool water and consume immediately. Do ensure that the packet is fully sealed with absolutely no openings before submerging!
You must NEVER:
1. Leave your raw sashimi out in room temperature.
2. Refreeze your thawed sashimi.
3. Keep leftovers after consumption.
4. Not consume immediately after opening.
Now that you're familiar with the right ways, you can check out our high quality sashimi grade products here. Do drop us an email at for any other questions!
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